Yes, you can wear a bralette with a backless top

Yes, you can wear a bralette with a backless top

Who dictates fashion rules? Of course you can wear a bralette that covers half of your back under a top which hardly covers any of it! It’s been a long time now since I got to the conclusion that in order to look good, you have to be comfortable, and if I love how this bralette looks (this one’s from Black Limba, by the way), I can wear it with whatever I can find in my closet. Cause I feel comfortable and that’s the first thing that actually matters 🙂


I have to say, first of all, that I’ve never been quite a “smocking style” fan, and I actually used to tell my mum off -not in the literal sense- when she wanted to wear that smocking she has that looks so good on her for New Year’s Eve. I’ve always found it, let’s say, not feminine. My mistake. Turns out, one of the things I’ve learned at uni this year, is that the smocking was born when American women, after the great depression and the roaring twenties, had to start working and live for themselves, instead of being simple house women. They wanted to be more of what they weren’t allowed to be, and this was the most handy thing they could wear; trousers and a jacket. And, is there anything that could look more feminine -and sexy- than one’s hard work? I don’t think so.

What I’m wearing isn’t exactly a smocking, but it does have a very masculine style. I’m wearing it with my stilettos though, cause I swear heels just bring me back to life. Those who have known me for a while must have also notices I’m wearing black, a colour I love; gray and black, white and black, red and black… but the base of -let’s say- 90% of my evening or night outfits is always black. And, also, for those of you who didn’t know, in colour psychology black actually represents elegance and mystery. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Stilettos: Zara | Culottes: Zara | Bralette: Black Limba | Top: Zara | Jacket: Zara | Accessories: Roselinde

All the accessories from Roselinde mil be available on their online store in just a few weeks, they’re from their new collection Wild Instinct which they presented at Tenerife Moda the past weekend. Wait for it, you’re gonna love them! And once I’ve said this, I have to say goodbye, and just like always… see you on next post! I love u.

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