Why you need a high neck bikini this summer

Why you need a high neck bikini this summer

Hey lovelies! I know it’s been a while since I last wrote… I’m having loads of submissions lately and there’s just not enough time for everything. I’ll be 100% available soon, promised.

However, I have managed to find a few spear minutes today to write about something I truly believe you should buy this summer! I’m talking about high-neck bikinis and black bikinis. Seems quite obvious, but to be honest, I don’t have a black bikini myself, which is quite worrying as I come from a volcanic island…

Anyway, here’s the thing. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of photos of people wearing high neck bikinis and I’ve always thought they were quite weird. My cousin bought one last year and I was like “why are you even wearing that?”. To be honest, it looked really good on her, so I guess she had a point. I might go get one for myself this summer too! It makes your silhouette look really good plus, your boobies won’t come out somewhere unexpected… hahaha

And what about the black bikini? I’ve browsed around the Internet and I’ve found this one from Zaful here, which is, to me, the one that’s the best purchase (and value for price). It’s a thong, which I’m not always keen on, but also not that much of a thong so it could look really good. Don’t know if you’re really understanding what I’m saying, to be honest haha. It’s adjustable and your boobies won’t come out of this one either, and best of all: it’s black, so no black sand will come in it! I know this might not be a problem to most of you, but it is for me, and it’s very frustrating when your white bikini comes out all black cause of the sand 🙁 Mediterranean people don’t have that problem, huh?

Anyway, after finding this bikini I decided to check out a few more things and I found lots of other bikinis for you! It’s bikini season now, so you better get ready… they’re coming strong! Printed bikinis, with different patterns or ways of tying them up, and lots and lots of colour too. Oh, and both with wire or without it! Which one do you go for?

Check them all here 🙂


Bikini 1 here – Bikini 2 here – Bikini 3 here

Bikini 4 here – Bikini 5 here – Bikini 6 here

Bikini 7 here – Bikini 8 here – Bikini 9 here

Bikini 10 here – Bikini 11 here – Bikini 12 here

I’ve got to leave now, but have a lovely day and I’ll see you soon! I love u❤️.

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