White ethnic dress

Hi Hi! How was your Friday? I needed it! Now, lest’s shoot for a better weekend. I had planned to upload another post today buuuut… I was doing a bit of zapping through my favorite blogs and I suddenly found this post from Alexandra on Lovely Pepa. You can imagine my reaction when I saw that Alex, blogger which I follow and I like so much, was wearing the same dress as me! I took these photos some weeks ago and I hadn’t uploaded it yet… but I couldn’t wait. Hers is from She Inside and mine is from Egoísta Ibiza, but I think they’re very similar. Also, we both combined it with sandals in 8, similar. I hope you like it! Kisses and till Sunday 🙂

Dress: Egoísta Ibiza
Sandals: Oysho
Bag: Axel


I'm impatient, lazy and sleepy head. I love changing, routine makes me go mad and I have a fast and crazy lifestyle. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow, just follow me, I promise it will be fun!

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