Where to eat in New York

Where to eat in New York


When I visited New York this January, we went looking for the best cheap restaurants and which ones we have to visit again when we go back. It’s very easy to eat well and cheap in New York as long as you know how to and where.

So my favorite for places in New York and which you can’t miss are these:

  • To eat Italian food, tasty and at good prices, visit Academia Barilla. Pizzas are so nice! Though pasta is also really good, you have to try it all.

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  • If you want some hot dogs, then; remember in the film Fools Rush In, where he mentions that the best hotdogs in New York are eaten in Gray’s Papaya? I can say the best hotdogs are found HERE.


  • Never eat in a McDonald’s if you want some hamburgers. Instead, visit ShakeShack; these hamburgers are just delicious, the best hamburger I’ve eaten was from here, so please don’t stop visiting them!


  • We ate in a korean restaurant in the Koreatown and I’ve gone mad searching for it on the internet but it’s impossible to find it’s name! I remember it had two floors and a red and white design. Upstairs it worked like a restaurant, and downstairs, as a fast-food restaurant. It was so good, we ate there twice. So if you go walking and you suddenly see something similar to the one I’m describing, go inside!!

Hope this helps! haha kisses and see you tomorrow 😉


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