What’s inside my handbag?

What’s inside my handbag?


What’s inside my handbag? 99% of boys think “wallet, mobile, keys” when going out. Well, 99% of girls have some more things to take with us. But, when does the completely essential become completely unnecessary? I can never find out.


Quitando cartera (preferiblemente con dinero), móvil (que a veces uso de cartera) y bueno, básicamente eso porque no llevo llaves… todavía hay unas cuantas cosas más en la lista.

Except the wallet (better with money in it), mobile phone (which I sometimes use as wallet) and well, that’s basically everything as I never take my keys… There are some more things in my list.


Phone charger: I don’t know how but I always ALWAYS find myself without battery in the middle of the night so as I don’t always have my portable battery charged, I never forget to take my charger with me. There are plugs in every single restaurant or caffé so I don’t loose anything taking it.

Headphones and mp3: A long way in bus or an irritating companion… I never forget my headphones and I can connect them to my phone whenever I need it, and if not, to my iPod!

Party ballerinas: I haven’t seen them in many stores but they’re comfortable plastic ballerinas and you can roll them to the size of a fist. They’re perfect when I wear heels and I get to that point when I say NO and I just wish to sit down. Fortunately, I usually take big handbags so when I’m tired of the heels, I just take them off, put them inside the bag and put on my ballerinas, so comfortable and fashion (they come in several colors so you can combine them with anything in order to have glamourous after-parties hahaha)

Selfie stick: Since I opened this present in Christmas, I haven’t stopped using it. It comes with a Bluetooth remote and it extends a meter, if anyone doesn’t appear on the photo then it’s cause he doesn’t want to! Hahaha The only day I didn’t take it in New York was when we visited the Empire State (BIG fail) and the reason was it didn’t fit in my bag. Conclusion: bigger handbags!!

Buy your selfie stick here!

Umbrella: I think for now, this would be the last one. You don’t necessarily have to fill in your handbag with needless things. And this one is very important in Winter!

So till here today’s post and see you on next one! What do you take on your handbag?


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