What should I take to the beach?

What should I take to the beach?

Annnnd summer is officialy inaugurated! And with it comes the same question as always; what shall I take to the beach? We fill our bag with things we end up by not using and after taking things out, we lose. So as it’s best to be prepared, we’ll now know which things can NOT miss in our bag!

The towel. It sounds obvious but more than once some of you will have gone to the beach and when you’re already there found out you had left it at home. Girrrrls, you can’t sit or dry without your towel, and if your friends aren’t on their best day, they might not let you borrow their’s! And then what?

Sunglasses, or sight+sunglasses if you wear glasses usually! Imagine something interesting happens and you can’t see anything… I think it’s a bit obvious why we have to take our sunglasses (sun-glasses = they protect you from the sun) hahaha so if the sun is going hard… it’s better to wear them than ending up blind and looking at things like a granny. And if you still haven’t bought yours, I reming you you can guide by our trends post! Protect your eyes with glamour!

Suncream. Haven’t I let clear how important it is not to get burnt? The sun has many benefits, as long as you protect from the disadvantages! Don’t trust on supermarket brands, they tell a lot and do nothing. The best place to buy suncreams is the chemist’s, and with a big difference!

My tip: In quality-price relation, La Roche is the best brand… I tell you!


Here. You go on your own to the beach… what can you do? Or while you’re waiting for your friends, your boyfriend, your mother… tell me, what can you do? Your friends are having a swim and you want to stay suntanning… what can you do? You can’t do anything! So for this things we have this sort of “guide… Take a book with you. An ipod, some headphones if your mobile pone has already music in it, a magazine… but take something for your own and exclusive use so you needn’t depend on anyone to have a good time. Racquets, Balls and cards are perfect for having fun altogether!

Brush and hat

You go out of the water, with your crazy hairs and you see that cute boy walking around… re-analize the phrase, your crazy hairs!! Take a brush always with you so you don’t miss your glamour when you go out of the water! And when there’s seaweed… your hair looks like a Picasso picture. And if you forget your brush, then it’s always good to take a hat or cap with you, like “it’s my bad hair day” hahaha


If you haven’t got, then you can take food with you or ask for charity, but I’t always better to take it with you… Unless the man in the caffe likes you and want’s to invite you to a snack… Then it’s quite important to take it!

All your energy

To have a good day in the beach or swimmingpool and all the next days the same or better! But save a bit of that energy also… To follow me on the links on the right! Trendtation, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin… what are you waiting for?


Have a nice Summer!!


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