What is your shoe size?

What is your shoe size?

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I was tired of never guessing my shoe size. It’s horrible getting lost between sizes while your buying American sized shoes and always making mistakes. So after asking my cousin, who works in Foot Locker I guess more than ten times which was my American size, he sent me a chart where I could see it. I’ve been while passing all the sizes to this one we have above but at least I’m sure I’ll never make mistakes with my size from now on. It’s simple: For example, on the first column, we see 22cm, which are a 35.5 in Europe, a 2.5 in the UK and a 5.0 in the USA. Take a look at the columns and find out which one is yours. I hope this has been helpful, and that I’ve contributed to reduce the number of shoe returns to the USA! hahaha Kisses and till next post


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