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I’m gonna be frank: I’m more of a summer girl. And the only way in which I can continue living my summer and shorts life even when winter comes, is wearing tights, which automatically turn into my number one friends during this season 🙂 It hasn’t been two weeks since I got them yet and I already broke the first pair!! 😀 hahahaha
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There are a few things I like from this look. First of all, the fact that I’m wearing tights and the automatically amazingly comfortable I feel just because of that. Secondly, this SheIn parka I got a few weeks ago and which is the perfect outerwear for these particular days when we don’t know if it’s cold or not or what is happening with the climate… I just feel as if I was assisting a Tim Burton casting… hahaha! The shoes are something I also like with this male touch and obviously the short + white top combination is something which completely suits my winters! It’s like that super combination I can’t stop wearing, you’ll see… hahaha that’s it for today! Lots of kisses and see you on next post, enjoy your weekend! 😀

Shorts: Zara 2015
Top: Mango Outlet

Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Calvin Klein
Parka: SheIn 


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