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Hi girls! In this occasion, as I was going to have dinner out and with Autumn’s return the sun sets earlier, I knew I wouldn’t have time to take the photos after leaving so I decided to take them at home, with Mateo! With the cane of the hour you’ll see him more hahaha Well, I’ll talk a bit about the outfit. I wore it for having dinner on my mother’s birthday; the shoes and the dress are from Zara’s sales (I used a belt, if not the dress would be too long and smoothed down). Sincerely, I wasn’t thinking of buying these shoes until I saw them for 5,99 and there was only my size left… I regret nothing at all now! They have that vintage touch which I love. Remember the DIY from some posts ago? This is how the blue necklace looks like.

I take advantage of the occasion to remind you that today is the last day to obtain the discount in Victoria Rockera with code AJSDNMR20. If you haven’t read my post yet, you can do it here. I hope you liked it and till next post!

Dress: Zara 
Shoes: Zara 
Necklace: DIY (aquí)
Clutch: Parfois

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