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Hi girls! I was very excited to show you this post. Some weeks ago, the shop Victoria Rockera proposed me to do a collaboration with them. It’s got to do with a magazine where they publish blogger’s posts every day, and it’s my turn today. I talk about LoWayuù bags in it, those bags which were so trendy this summer and will surely be so next summer.

Also, Victoria Rockera has given you all a free -20% on all here shop for the next 3 days using code AJSDNMR20.

As the post is written in Spanish, I’ve decided to write it in English here.

Good morning girls!

You must have seen these bags between fashion bloggers, with aztec prints and combinable with lots of different garments and colors. I began to hear from them in June, when everyone started to pose on photos with the is LoWayuù, and I decided I also wanted one. They’re beautiful and as I have already said, combinable in many ways… The only thing which stopped me was it’s price, between 70 and 90 euros aprox.

On my last trip to Ibiza, I started to see these bags in every shop, in any form, size and colors and again, it’s prices were too high so I didn’t buy any. And then I entered Oysho and I found this one, very similar in beige and blue, for only 5,99€!

I don’t think they’ll be too trendy this winter, but I am sure they will next summer. You can wait for any shop to sell them next year, or buy your LoWayuù here, now!


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