Velvet blue jumpsuit


I’ve developed an incredible love for velvet for the past years, and apart from glitter and sequins (always my number 1s), it’s the second thing I would link the most to Christmas parties… Why? I’m not really sure, I can just say I love it. Keep reading, my photographer took some amazing photos to be honest! 😀

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I decided to match the jumpsuit with a silver bag, gold accessories and black shoes. A bit chaotic, but to be honest, I am very happy with the result! Plus, I was really really comfortable which in the end is the only thing that matters. Am I wrong? 😛

Jumpsuit: Mango
Heels: Ego
Bag: Guess
Ring: Bimba Y Lola
Bracelet: Folli Follie
Bralette: Black Limba 


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