Turn an old dress into a new skirt and top

Turn an old dress into a new skirt and top

I bought this dress at Mango a few years ago and I realized that the best of it was it’s top. I could’ve used it with lots of the lower parts I had then, and it was a pitty that I could only use it as a dress. So I thought that the best I could do was to cut it and get a new skirt and shirt from this dress. The best of it is that I can still use it as a dress! Here, 1 between 2 became 3! I hope you like it 🙂 I take advantage of this post to tell you that I’m in Ibiza, so I won’t be uploading any more posts this week, but I’m taking lots fo photos with my outfits so I can upolad them when I come back! Happy end of summer and have a nice time, kisses!!

Dress: Mango
Heels: Stradivarius
Bracelet: Soi

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