Turn a jumpsuit into shorts

Turn a jumpsuit into shorts


If you’re coming to London, then you must know that this is NOT the most appropriate outfit you can wear right now, you’ll be freezing. I just got really motivated when I saw the Sun coming out, but I was actually wanting long trousers and a long coat so much… hahaha you can’t even imagine! I love combining basics as it makes your wardrobe instantly bigger, and this time I’ve even got some shorts out of a playsuit, so it’s all about investigating and making the most of your clothes! 🙂

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I doubted between combining this with my Zara bluchers or these boot which are from Zara too, but I actually prefer it like this, it has sort of like a rock look I love! Any comments from you? 🙂 Kisses and enjoy the weekend, see you next week! xx

Jumpsuit: New Look
Boots: Zara
Top: Zara
Scarf: Zara
Glasses: Dior
Tights: Calzedonia 


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