Total make up using lipstick

Total make up using lipstick


I was surfing through my favorite accessories shop, Lunatikka some days ago and I found a very interesting post on how to wear a wonderful make up just with lipstick. I’m sure you’ll like this tip and I invite you to try it as soon as you can! Blush, eyeshadow and lipstick all in one.

Here you have a very easy photo tutorial. We apply a thick lipstick line on cheekbones and if we want eyeshadow, on eyelids too. Extend the lipstick up as if lipstick was the blush and your hand was the brush. Extend it the way you like in the eyelids, that’s more of your decision.


We end up applying lipstick on lips and bang! We’re divine! hahaha And we can variate the tone depending on the bar!


Well, I hope you liked today’s post and you now know a new thing! Kisses and till next post 😉


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