¿Top or scarf? at #FFF47


Helloooo good morning!! Here you have the outfit I wore to the #FashionFridayFranja47 event last Friday. If you want a top like the one I’m wearing, then don’t forget to watch my latest video on YouTube here! 😀 Now, let’s go!

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Before heading to the event in Santa Cruz, we spent the whole afternoon shopping at La Laguna. And whenever you come to La Laguna you HAVE to bring a coat, you never know. I wanted to give my outfit the same colours as the top-scarf from Bimba y Lola. I took dark blue for the trousers, different tones of brown for the jacket, the shoes and the belt, and the aqua-marine of the cowboy’s shirt for my handbag. I had completely forgot I had this bag until I found it the other day somewhere in the closet and I said “this has to come with me!” hahaha. It’s from Fund Grube, one of my favorite shops 🙂 Another thing I wanted to wear with this look were my red lips, but that’s something that looks good with anything 😉 what do you think about it? do you like it? Kisses and see you on next post!

Top (scarf): Bimba & Lola (tutorial here)
Jacket: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: XTI via Fund grube
Bag: Fund Grube
Jeans: Mango
Sunglasses: Max Mara


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