There isn’t only McDonald’s

There isn’t only McDonald’s


Lately, it seems like there’s only McDonald’s. I go out to Puerto… where do I eat? McDonalds! But there’s more places. There are loads of cafes and  bakeries where to go, and lots of them really good, although nobody knows about them. Here you have some of the places where you can go around Puerto, come on and change your McDonald’s diet!

Daisy Cafe, between “Herreros” and the bus station… Since 1990!
Delicias VeneCanarias Arepera, in Plaza de la iglesia; the arepas… delicious!
Juice bar – burger Salina, below Plaza de Europa. On thursdays, your burger for 1 euro!

For more information, clic here.

Vulkania Cafe, in Calle La Olla (parallel to San Telmo). It’s a new one, but it’s really pretty!
Doopies, below Daisy, with delicious donuts and ideal for a tea-time donut with your friends!

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