The world’s smallest hotel in El Hierro

The world’s smallest hotel in El Hierro

It was recently during my stay in El Hierro when I came across this curious hotel. The first thing that strikes you is its size. A cottage by the sea with a hotel sign at the top? No, actually it was a hotel. The Punta Grande Hotel in El Hierro, located in Frontera appears in the book of Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest hotel. It occupies only 600 m², 9 m in height and has 4 double rooms. As its owner explained, it used to be a house, shattered but yes, a house hahaha until 1987, when it started to be recognised as an hotel. It is a curious and friendly hotel, we made sort of a tour through its  rooms and I found it not only different, but with a decoration which accompained to where we were. Honestly, I can’t speak about its prices as the owner told me how much the night cost, but I wrote it down and as I am a disaster, I think I lost it, and I couldn’t find any information on the Internet. I’m so sorry! I’ll try to search again for the price at home… Well, it’s definitely a place you must visit in El Hierro even if it’s only to see it, like I did. Here are some pics of the hotel, I hope you like them!


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