The dress for summer nights


Hiiii hi good morning and happy Sunday!! 🙂 I’m sorry for not posting any outfits lately, I’ve been too busy and I haven’t had any time to shoot some photos. Anyway, I have posted some other posts up where I didn’t have to take any photos 😉

This is the outfit I wore to my auntie’s birthday, lots of dancing so I ended up taking off my heels, it was soooo fun!! 😀 I bought this dress a week ago in Zara, it’s from the sales. Hope you like the outfit and see you on next post!! Kisses 😉

picasion.com_6ef4326a88d0e7955a52b96e2b3aaeccpicasion.com_d031d8f44f772670b481da7375be6e68picasion.com_7d5831658b81a10f32491ba272b1fa84  picasion.com_1a6a12de7326f31ef5e45e0fa4f7fac6 picasion.com_adf1404dc2f45fa058aa2c792fd18175picasion.com_836c946360a02233a6ca7ecccf4316ca picasion.com_ad415ec6f2ebb0987efebbfd4fa037d8picasion.com_4a4ed12e547a6628928e4384bf9b4d6epicasion.com_1cd4b0478b760c1e9afc899a676f9b9b

Dress: Zara
Heels: Mango
Bag: Zara



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