Swimwear under $25 to survive this Summinter

Swimwear under $25 to survive this Summinter

Yep, I’ve made that word up. If someone ever told me I’d be writing a swimwear post instead of a Halloween one today, I swear I would’ve said “no way!”. But, you know? I don’t like halloween and a winter coat post wasn’t an option when they’re having a better-than-summer weather back home. It’s not even winter here yet, I’ve been wearing summer trousers all month long. So, I figured out we should take some advantage on the fact that many people are living a summer autumn, and all the summer stuff is on sale.

I’ve just made a quick selection -cause I know brains are not too up for reading on Sundays– of bikinis and one-pieces you’re absolutely gonna love and which you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying. And wear all winter long, as it looks like this weather is gonna stay for a while, to be honest. Up for that? 😉


And that’s basically it. All of them are under $25 which is pretty good, so go for it! And enjoy this Summinter 😉 Oh, by the way, stay tuned! There’s a really important post coming up tomorrow at 7pm, so don’t miss it! Enjoy your week. With love and affection, I love u❤️!

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