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My friend Elena, from now on, my photographer, and I finally have come to and idea that will allow me to publish more frequently on my blog, just as normal, so you don’t have to wait for weeks between posts… yippi! Anyway, I have to apologise (or not that much), as I’ll be staying all half-term in MY ISLAND (yeah, finally!) therefore there won’t be any posts until I come back to the cold UK. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when I start publishing again! And just so you don’t have to wait another 2 weeks (sorry for that), here you have today’s post! 😀
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I wore this sweater as a dress here. Today, I wore it as a shirt which is actually, really warm, and with these 3 things I just can’t stop wearing; skirt, tights and booties! New basics they say… hahaha At least I’m not wearing all black! Do you like it? Well, kisses and see you very soon!!! 😛

Skirt: Pull & Bear
Sweater: ANTHEA
Bag: Parfois
Boots: H&M
Scarf: H&M


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