Super pre-sales haul

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I have finally (or almost) recovered my voice!! I have been sad all week for not being able to publish this video on Monday 🙁 Did I tell you I had to talk to my parents using a whiteboard? This had never ever happened to me! Well, the most important thing right now is that after spending all night editing it, we finally have this week’s video on YouTube today! 😉

I wanted to post it up today the latest as it’s a pre-sales Haul, and posting a pre-sales haul in a post-sales way didn’t sound that good to be honest… hahaha here you have the video and aaaaaall the links to buy all (or nearly all) of the things I’m showing on the video these sales 🙂 Once I’ve said this, I wish you a lovely week and see you on Monday (with another video, I’ll make it 😉 ) Aaaaaaand enjoy the sales!! 😀

For the English readers: subtitles stop after the first garment, but you can still read the shops where they’re from + you have the links here. Any questions or enquiries don’t hesitate in contacting me! love <3


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