Sunflowers: day and night


Sales, first day: running to my favourite GUESS store in order to buy this beautiful dress I had seen some weeks before. I like it so, so much; it’s a lovely dress, with lots of personality, sweet, happy, it looks good on anyone, it flows and it makes you feel so good… one of those dresses which makes you fall in love every time you look at it. So here I am, posting about this wonderful dress I wanted to show you since I can’t even remember when! Plus, giving it a double use: day and night. I hope you like it as much as I do 😀

NIGHT:picasion.com_3c713458e5afc883aa584dd53edf790f picasion.com_4e27bb695fef0753bd6128be5e58fe8fpicasion.com_b297680f3536c77181393e7c555f67fe picasion.com_6d75b809fc6f180177297524ab003cad picasion.com_dc3989cb3da43d58e755f65eb77e2827 picasion.com_941d9dd2d3393e93b35d118cb1afb394 picasion.com_ba33482b85fae5f8e4ad4f3a64fd8b7b picasion.com_278a899409ceebcc12017592b837f8a0 picasion.com_0ad284d6288446aa8caeacd3338cbfa4

DAY: picasion.com_6e8d4ed1df975b0232b7062a7c04de53 picasion.com_6c1871b42991e54c46d29aabcd3b3c80 picasion.com_328654801e5180f7df5b84dc28d3834b picasion.com_5952b33701766104548b21a2588fdb3a picasion.com_fa8ca9c6701d95c69ddbaba8e16b80e6 picasion.com_b1490aa7480808e413f3582d08ac2830 picasion.com_f8eacb6bdb386721b26350e6cce2ea9e picasion.com_eae135e1b4969b6122438df9229b58d7 picasion.com_af0be79702d2e8fc3b107c9f34f4ee85 picasion.com_02be8863cf9e4c810667d9bc339f6c8f picasion.com_b2e241bcade50276f0f1ea29e100b509

There’s not much left to say after you’ve seen these photos… I hope you liked it and see you tomorrow with a new post. Thank you 😀

Dress: GUESS
Bag (night): Parfois
Bag (day): Furla
Heels (night): Dior
Sandals (day): Ibiza


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