Summer of Matcha with EatClean tea

Summer of Matcha with EatClean tea


Hi girls (and boys)!!! How are you? I’m writing from Gran Canaria right now, I arrived for the Swimwear Fashion Week 😉 You can check everything on my snapchat: luceslusia, by the way! hahaha Well, after departing today, I got this parcel I had been waiting for sooooo long… So as I hadn’t had any breakfast, I just went for it and had a super energizing breakfast! 😉 I’m talking about EatCleanTea‘s Summer Of Matcha mint tea. I just have to say it was delicious, these are my recipes 🙂

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I couldn’t wait to try it, but I didn’t know how, or with that, or in which way…. So I made two. First, a sort of like milk-ice-shake with milk, ice, strawberries, a little bit of orange juice and two small spoons of mint tea. It was just delicious!

picasion.com_76281c721b359144b24c59414b6887d6 picasion.com_dc3fb2f8efe470bc50d3fcd39c46ef02 picasion.com_0879249b28862d7f1140e922e80dd942 picasion.com_d7eb5c8d0e02d3a6a7388eaa44f383a9 picasion.com_8d0fcfc4eae3b0615d91f833914f75d9

I wanted to taste the tea without any other flavors, so I made a milkshake using only EatCleanTea. I added a bit of sugar to this second one, I’m… a sweet tooth hahaha This one was delicious too. I have to say that today’s breakfast was wonderful. I have had so many things to do, that this has just been like an energy boost. Just so you can make up an idea, I’ll tell you about my last 48 hours… Yesterday morning I had an exam at 9am, took a train at 12am, took a flight at 5pm, got home at 10pm, finished packing for today at 12pm, woke up today at 7am, took a boat at 9am, drove for an hour, and now we’re watching catwalks, in between which I have found some time to write to you 🙂 My super tea couldn’t have arrived in any better moment. Thank you EatCleanTea! We’re going out now to watch some other catwalks but don’t forget that there will be a new post on Monday… and it’s a video!!! I can’t wait to shoe you the too… hahaha lots of kisses and don’t forget to buy EatCleanTea 😉


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