Summer flowers and Autumn leaves


I’m a colour fan, I had sort of like a gothic phase when I was little and I wore black nearly all the time, but right now and even more in Summer, I rarely wear it. I liked these photos a lot, I think they transmit a lot of feeling and the contrast between the bright colors of this dress and the brown autumn leaves is quite pretty. The dress looks brighter and even more colourful and I loved the result!

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I bought this dress from Mango during Summer, but I’ve left a few links to similar ones down here. I decided I wanted to wear an all-red outfit; red, red, and more red so my bag, shoes and lips are red too. These sandals are from Silvia Navarro and I absolutely love them 🙂 What else should I say about the outfit? I would say this dress should be worn without a belt, which is how I wore it, but I know there are people (specially me) who wear belts 90% of their time. That’s why I’ve also shown some photos wearing one 🙂 I quite like it, but I’d definitely wear it without a belt rather than with it. Any comments? I’m moving to London tomorrow (wooohoooo!) and I’m leaving everything ready referring to my blog as I’m not sure when I will have my computer back. This is freaking me out a little bit. Everything is almost ready, but if I don’t post someday I am very very sorry! I’ll try not to miss a post 🙁 Once I’ve said this, there’s not that much left to say… have a lovely day and see you tomorrow! 😀 xx

Dress: Mango
Sandals: Silvia Navarro
Bag: Guess
Bracelets: Zara


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