Summer 2015 what-to-do guide

Summer 2015 what-to-do guide


I was sure I had already published this post last summer, but I was looking at my archive right now… and I’ve seen I forgot! We’re already in summer and I’m already mentalized so now, here comes the same question as always… what can I do? I’ve already don everything, I’m bored!!! So here we go…


I don’t know what to do in Summer…

Your parents are working, your alone at home and your friends are all out of the country. Believe me youre not the only one who’s been someday in this situation. Of course your summer hasn’t got to depend on others’ ones. If your friends have gone somewhere on holidays, let them go! You’re staying here and it needn’t affect you!


  • • Go to the gym. I know it’s not something you really want to do, but it’s really entertaining. You have all Summer to créate your figure and all August to show it… It’s a good idea, isn’t it?

    •Start something. Anything. A sport, a course, a hobby, a routine… It can be anything. Maybe you’re really good at computers and you end up creating a famous videogame, who knows!

    •If as well as not having nothing to do, you also haven’t got any money, it’s a bit more complicated to go on sales. Take a morning job so you save up a little money for the sales, the best ones are in August!

    •Go to festivals. I know you really want to assist to some. If you have the money, the age (or at least you seem to have it) and the desire… Then why not? There’s a reason for them to be in Summer you know!

    •So the shop right below your house is selling threads and beads, and you’ve just found out you’re extreamely good at making necklaces and bracelets… Paint, cut, cut again, stick and staple; you can now share it!

    •It can either be new friends or new places, the only thing important is thay you meet new things. Haven’t you ever tried salty and sweet and they suddenly offer it to you? Then try it, you now know you love it. You can go alone to the beach, don’t be scared, I’m sure someone will come and talk to you! There are lot of people which we don’t know well as we don’t have any time, so Summer is the best momento, we have plenty of time.

    •Take a bus. With no direction, just take it and let it take you wherever. If you end up in a place on the other end of the country, don’t frighten, you’ll find out the way to get back home. You can discover lots of new beaches and incredible places exclusively for yourself, and when someone appears, you’ll be able to share it!

    •There’s no better way to spend Summer than enjoying. Everyone enjoys with different things and in different ways and it’s your chance to get to know which one is yours.

    •Take your time to know what makes you happy and what doesn’t, and to know you. It’s your moment!


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