Sugar & lemon hand scrub

Sugar & lemon hand scrub

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If you have your hands dried, redried and super dried because of the Sun, chlorine, beach… and not having all this things you NEED is definitely not an option… Then continue reading!

This lemon, oil and sugar peeling will leave your hands smoother than a smoothie, believe it, I’ve tried it and it goes perfect.


– 5 spoonfuls of sugar

– 1 spoonful of olive oil

– 1 lemon



You mix the olive oil with the sugar, you cut the lemon in half and you squeeze out its juice. You add the juice to the oil and sugar mix little by little until you have sort of a paste. Then you can apply this paste in any area you prefer (it doesn’t only work for hands, it also goes perfect for your knees and elbows).



The lemon’s citric acid gets rid of the dark spots on your hands and the sugar removes the dead cells. The olive oil hydrates and smoothes.

Perfect combination: Removes, exfoliates and smoothes… Good, pretty, cheap!!


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