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It’s June the 1st today, any better day to start publishing again? I have been away for weeks (or months😅) but it’s been for good reasons! My exams and projects are finished, and I have almost finished traveling to the UK too! Only a few days to go and I’ll be 100% Canary again, although it will only be for a few months haha😜 traveling is life🌍! I have new ideas for LucesLusía which you’ll be able to see soon… but for today’s post, here’s the one I upload every single year, prom outfit! Someone I know graduates every single year and I never miss the celebration, so here’s what I wore this year😊
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I think I am literally as white as a ghost👻, I miss my tan… I am so white that when I started planning my prom outfit, y didn’t even think of shorts, mini dresses or mini skirts… That’s why I went for these long striped pants 🙂 I liked the shape and the print so it was definitely a YES. I wore it with black and then gave it that touch of colour with my beautiful Zara mini bag (I love it). The pants took all the attention so I believed the outfit didn’t need any more accessories👠. Except for the bra, which you can see and which I believed it gave the whole outfit a more feminine look. Once more, Marci Aliaga did my make up, she’s amazing💥! If you don’t know who she is then you can see these two tutorials with her, here and here. And there will be more!! I curved my hair a little bit but not too much, I don’t fancy experimenting with it to be honest… I always go for straight! haha well, that’s all for today. Hope you liked it, and see you on next post! Kisses xx

Bralette: Intimissimi
Heels: Mango
Pants: Zara
Top: Mango
Bag: Zara


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