Strapless flower jumpsuit


Hey hey! I took these photos yesterday before coming back home, finishing packaging and spending hours in front of my computer leaving posts, videos and all those things ready, sooooo manu things to do before moving to London. Right now that you’re reading me, I might be heading to the airport, or flying to London, or unpacking, or walking around my favorite streets in London… but probably some crazy things! hahaha Now I still have two weeks of “not doing anything” until I start my lessons, which will be more like an “I have thousands of things to do” two weeks… but well, lots of them are related to my blog and trust me, you’ll love them 😀 Here I go with today’s post!

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I’ve used this jumpsuit soooo much during the past weeks; for going out, for the beach, just to stay at home… one of the good things it has is that you can dress in a second, it looks good, it’s fresh and light, you can wear it with different colours… okay, that’s more than one advantage haha It’s from Dresslink and you can buy it clicking here. I’ve matched it with a bag in the same colour palette and gray wedges, but you can easily combine it with blue or dark blue accessories or even with some other colours, like pink. It would be wonderful 🙂 Any comments? I’ve also uploaded another outfit with a Dresslink romper you can see here, everything they have is amazing 😀 Lots and los of kisses and see you tomorrow!! 😉

Jumpsuit: Dresslink
Heels: Oysho
Glasses: Max Mara
Bag: Fundgrube



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