Good morninggg!! Today I’ll talk about stilettos. Many of you, like me, have tried to run away from them simply because of that mentality of “the higher the heel, the better,” and other loyal to them will even take them to the shower! Hahaha I almost include myself in the first group… Well, as I said, since I started buying heels I’ve been going directly to the highest ones, with platform to the point where that’s my comfort! The truth is that it wasn’t till I started my blog and saw all my favorite bloggers (you’ll see their photos in a second) with stilettos that I noticed how beautiful they are and how the can stylize your leg … It was a pity I realized after buying so many shoes haha. In my opinion, it is the type of heels you see and do not catch your eye, you think “they mustn’t suit that well”, but it’s completely the opposite. I’m looking for some pretty ones to buy, I will add myself to this fashion! They are very easy to match as you can either wear them with a dress, skirt, shorts or suits… There are few clothes which with they don’t do well. It is a simple, elegant, feminine and variable shoe. With variable, I mean that you can find either plain, patterned, geometric, varying colors in gradient … There are endless combinations, see some below. What do you think then? Do the same as I and join the stiletto! Kisses and till next post 🙂


Priscila Betancort – My Showroom


Paula Ordovás – My Peeptoes


Annabelle Fleur – Viva Luxury


Sara Escudero – Collage Vintage


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