Spring-Summer 2014 trends: sunglasses

Spring-Summer 2014 trends: sunglasses

Well girls, as I already said last week, this week we would have a glasses’ post… and here we have it! Just in time for the Summer holidays haha


The classic Ray-Ban model which we girls always ask for since we’re little and which talking about your glasses’ house… They’re always in the wardrobe, at the back. Sooo they’re that type of glasses which aren’t sometimes your wardrobe staple… they’re ALWAYS so! It can perfectly be Winter in Tenerife and we can have a wonderful sunshine (which we always have), that the first glasses you’ll take will be this ones. Staple it to your wardrobe!



Like cats, sexys but dangerous… I deduce they’re called like that as they have the form of a cat’s eye; in fact, it’s because of that hahaha They’ll give an enigmatic touch to your look. My tip? Wear them in black, white or red, they’re sexier! Though these colors are also cool, aren’t they?



We go back again to the vintage, and such a glamourous and colorful decade like the 60s can’t fall behind. We find it’s presence in lots of the trends for this summer, including sunglasses. The John Lennon comes with strength! You’ll be surely very chic.

Massimo Dutti


Ray-Ban’s 80s model will still be present this summer in lots of different colours and styles… Won’t you have yours?


And… till here today’s post. It’s always hard to leave them, I wood like so much to continue writing! I’ll see you next week with the… I can’t remember what post it was, I think it was shoes!! hahaha Kisses girls, see you on… all the social networks on the right!


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