Sports couple: Francis and Delioma

Sports couple: Francis and Delioma


We never stop hearing about famous couples. There are actors and actresses like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; and sports couples, as Francis Pérez and Delioma González, from whom we’ll know a bit more today.

Francis is an underwater photographer.

He’s been diving for 20 years. When he had been 6 years diving, he found it necessary to show his friends and family everything he was able to see in his immersions, so he started taking photos of it. I think anyone who has seen his photos thinks as I do, Francis didn’t choose photography, photography chose him. And I hadn’t realized how incredible the ocean could be until thanks to Francis, I could see it; with every photo I see from him, I feel more excited about diving with him someday!

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After starting with photography, he began taking part in federative championships in Spain, Canary Islands… He never assisted as a photographer, he went as companion. He also never took any photography course, he learnt from others. The only course he made was after buying his first digital camera, as he needed to learn a bit more about images, RAW…


“I could’ve continued learning autodidact but it’s always slower”.

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The first “competition” he won was the publication of this Sun Ray in National Geographic. Since then , 3 other photos of his have published on National Geographic’s Spanish edition, and the last one is Silvia Edl’s book’s frontpage, Blue Hope.

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After buying his digital camera he started competing in international competitions (Israel, Marsella, NY, Washington, LA…) and won prices, which usually were trips and cruises. These trips made it easy for him to travel more and take more photos to enrich the archive.

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Which is the best place to take underwater photos?

There isn’t a best place for everything, there are best places for determined species. To see sharks, it’s South Africa; for whales, Canary Islands… The place with more biodiversity would be Indonesia. And every place has a particular thing, but with no doubt the place which has more of everything is Galapagos.

Which is your dreaming travel?

Antartica, to take pictures of leopard seals and emperor penguins; and the lower California, to see sailfish, devilfish and sea lions.

Any trip planned?

This year, 3: Caiman Islands, Philippines and Galapagos. The past 25th December Delioma and him travelled to Papúa New Guinea, Indonesia.

Delioma runs triathlons.


She ran when she was little, she was part of the athletics team in La Pureza. She had an asma attack on a cross and all she was told was: you have to stop running. She was 13 then. As she had to stop running, she started swimming. She trained for 3 months in Summer of 1995, and that year she started swimming in the team. She went only for the relief, but she started getting better from March to June 1996 and she made 3 minims for the Spanish Championship. One month before the championship, her coach sent her to a competition in Santa Cruz and she made her 3rd minim. That year she became 5th in Spain and 8th in another competition (she was still Junior). She did a minim for the master category, got into the final  and it kept going, 2 anual championships and always in the finals. In the year 98 she was second of Spain in 100 butterfly.


Empezó en Martianez, se pasó a Santa Cruz y estuvo un año en Gran Canaria fichada por el Metropole. En 2004 dejó de nadar. Estaba aburrida.

She started swimming in Martinez, then she went to Santa Cruz and after that, she swam for the Metropole in Gran Canaria. She stopped swimming in 2004, bored.

Delioma stayed 3 years without doing anything, and she recovered social life. Before this, she trained so much she had no time, so in this sense, she did recover it.


She controlled asma. When she was little, she stopped taking her medication and took it again after championships, but she had a big crisis in 2009. A pulmonologist spoke to her and said “this is not a joke, in one of these you can stay there, you have to live with this… it’s not doping”.

She left triathlons and started doing them again 3 years ago. The hardest discipline is the bicycle, but it’s the one she likes the most; however, swimming is the one she does the same, but the one she likes the least. 


“If i could only practice one sport it would be cycling” – Cycling fills me with joy, because it’s the one I’ve not done and I think I can improve a lot.

She’s been trying to give more for the last year. She was nº 15 in the Spain Élite 2014 Championship, a good place if you count that the first 8 are professionals. She changed her coach, she wanted to try another thing as in the end you get used to it, and her new coach demands more from her. She’ll train the best she can this year, from here to two years she wants a better place than a 15 in the national championship, and she wants to go to the internationals. – Large distance isn’t in my plans, at the moment. It needs a lot of time and I don’t have it. 


Right now, she does sprints and olympics.

Sprint: 750m swimming, 20km cycling and 5km running.

Olympics: 1500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10 km running.

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So till here today’s post! I’ve learned a lot more about underwater photography and triathlons while I was preparing this post, and I hope you’ve learned reading it! I think it was time to leave a side the routine and talk a bit about other things! Hope you liked it, see you on next post!


* All photos are protected by copyright and are property of Francis Pérez.

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