Hi hi, happy Monday! Today I’m going to talk about Soufeel, these charm bracelets which I’ve always loved. It arrived on Friday, I started personalizing it some weeks ago, and it’s just as I imagined it, it’s 100% me. Let’s have a closer look 😉

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Soufeel creates charms which are 925 sterling silver and can fit Pandora, Charmilia and Soufeel bracelets. But Soufeel prices are much lower than the other ones, and I can see the quality is the same 😉 It’s a wonderful gift selection for the Mother’s day which is nearly here (I wish I hadn’t bought my one already), and I guess more than one mum would love to receive a Soufeel for her day!

When I buy bracelets like Soufeel ones, I like to “create” it with my touch and telling my story. So I’ve chosen all these charms for a reason. The anchor, because I’m a sea addict, it’s my way and it’s where I’m totally comfortable. The airplane, because I love traveling and meeting new places. I’m always talking and that’s why I bought my telephone. Autumn leaves are my favorite leaves, and cocktails remind me of summer in my beach. And the reason why I chose the elephant is this: Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and however you do it, never turn back. You have to go straight forward, just like elephants (this sounds better in Spanish haha).

picasion.com_dcb5ea14b48980d47b8775c39a537612 picasion.com_8e7199ce3f629897f9623be763dc775dpicasion.com_cd854ec487657246c25cc5f3e588bd9a picasion.com_aedaf43a966d0f465791a890aeb50446

Soufeel has just launched its Spring collection and is giving 20 points to everyone who registers here. And there’s more! All of you are having a 5% discount just by typing code Lucia5 😀 Have a nice week, see you on next post! 🙂



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