Shorts full of love

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I haven’t been publishing that much these weeks, I know… but I have a few projects running which are taking nearly all of my time. It’s almost impossible! Today we have an outfit in the best place in the world; Playa la Arena! You know I love it 😉 These heels and I fell in love some time ago, they remind me of the Aquazzura ones which I love. I also wanted a blouse like the one I’m wearing here, it’ll be a must have this summer! And what about the shorts? I finally wore them and didn’t freeze while trying! hahaha Fluflu shorts (that’s how I call them) are my fav in spring & summer. Kisses and see you on next post! 😀

Shorts: Zara
Heels: Zara
Blouse: local store
Bag: Zara


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