See you next year, Playa La Arena

See you next year, Playa La Arena


I was gonna publish this post in a few weeks, after finishing with all the outfits I wore in Andalucía, but I woke up at home today instead of Playa La Arena and I’ve felt the need to publish this. I also wanted to talk about something this Monday, getting you ready for next week’s video recovery 🙂

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Since I was little, I have felt some kind of special connection with this beach, Playa La Arena. My grandfather built here, my parents (both, without knowing each other) spent their summers here and, although I’ve only spent summers, easters and weekends in it, I’ve grown in it and it’s grown with me. I think these photos are way more beautiful than they normally are just for the fact that they’ve been taken in such a beautiful place to which I owe so much. These were taken (in case someone comes here someday), at the Charco del Diablo, next to the Cueva de la Vaca, a prolongation of Playa la Arena. I hope you like these photos as much as I do, or even more.


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I can’t forget that this is also an outfit on my fashion blog, so here’s all about the look: this SheIn top I got some weeks ago and which I like so much; for the colour, the sleeves, the embroidery… it has this kind of embroidery also on the bottom, but I preferred it tucked in for this outfit. It’s a simple look in pastel colours and giving it a bit of emphasis with the darker blue mini bag, but using the same colour palette so it’s keeps the harmony. I’m feeling technic today! haha any comments? Lots of kisses and see you tomorrow! 😉

Top: SheIn
Skort: Lefties
Heels: Bershka
Bag: Furla
Watch: Guess
Glasses: Max Mara
Bracelets: Claire’s



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