First of all, I apologize because it’s been ages since I last uploaded an outfit post, but I haven’t had any time or camera to take pictures, I’ve only gone to the beach lately and my outfits there are the same pants and shirt almost every day! I promise I’ll post at least one next week (which doesn’t seem much, but it will be pretty nice!) Let’s continue with today’s post …

They come, they come…  They are almost here! I think some expect sales with more eager than anything… But do you know what you need to bet happy with your purchase? Are you aware and responsible? You can’t regret on sales!

My 7 rules, which serve me the best!

–      – I don’t use much money the day’s before and I NEVER take all my money on the first day (I’m never go the first day, many queues, much disorder, much mess, too much stress, and stressed… you do not see yourself pretty in anything)

– I go several days. If they start the 1st of July I go the 7, 14 and 21 (it’s an example, but it’s more or less the difference between them)

– The first day I observe, I buy what I had long time waiting if it’s cheap and I take a look to the things I’ll buy when I go with my mum… it’s always better if she pays! hahaha

– Neeeever ever remove the label on things until you wear it. Why? Two reasons: More than once I buy a size which I say “it fits well” and remove the labels when I get home. Not one, not two, not three, but ALL pricetags you have (the one behind, which is hidden inside the pocket, behind the back… all!) And when I wear it I realize that it was better to have bought a smaller size. YES, IT HAPPENS A LOT. And the second reason is the savings. Example: the last sales I bought a pair of shoes which cost 50 euros, for 35. I didn’t take the pricetag, and the next week I went and found them for 20, so I went back another day to return the ones which had cost me 35. Well, they continued to decline and I bought them for 12 and these shoes that originally cost 50 which I had bought for 35 and then 20, now cost 38 euros less than at first, what a bargain!

Conclusion: Never remove the labels on anything until you wear them.

– I hide the things, and I know I’m not the only one. If I seesome pants whicih I want and there’s only one from my size and I have no money, I hide them behind a a big blouse so they aren’t visible, and return the next day to buy them.

  • If you are a brave girl and you’ll go the first day of sales at the mall, do not go alone. You are strong, but not than strong! You’ll be attacked, you need backup! You will find such a dangerous snake people queuing, which is long like none… It goes by testers, heas section man, it gives 3 rounds to the counter and reappears in the children’s section and finally arrives after about 200 people to the box. That all finishing in the door. It is DEADLY. So if you go with someone, while one of you chases the snake, the other can look through the jungle of clothing that is scattered up and down and here and there around the shop.
  • Only buy things you’re sure you want, in the end we always buy things we wear only once we don’t even like. Be intelligent!

Annnnd till here today’s post! I wish good luck to all you who go to the sale next week (mucho more for those who go the first day!) We’re in this together! Hahaha Kisses girls, see you next week 🙂 Happy weekend!


I'm impatient, lazy and sleepy head. I love changing, routine makes me go mad and I have a fast and crazy lifestyle. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow, just follow me, I promise it will be fun!


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