Ruffled black romper + giveaway


Summer is almost finished for the Europeans. For the Canary people (legally European, geographically African), it hasn’t ended yet. To be honest, our real summer month is September, so Summer is basically starting… hahaha Therefore, I have decided to start an end of summer giveaway! If you want this romper, check my Instagram and Facebook today from 12:00 noon 🙂 Ready for it?? Let’s go to the post!

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I received this romper just before flying to Mallorca, to be concrete, the same morning… hahaha I’ve worn it quite a few times already but I wanted to choose the right scenery for the photos; anything better than Playa La Arena? On this occasion, I took the photos on the Puerto Santiago Square 🙂 This romper is similar to the ones we’ve seen so much this summer, but it has a different fabric which makes it a little bit different to the ones everybody wear. And have you seen my hat? I absolutely love it and how it looks with my espadrilles! Any comments? Don’t forget to take part in the giveaway and see you tomorrow! 😀

Romper: CHOIES
Hay: Oysho
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Espadrilles: Gloria Ortiz via El Corte Inglés


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