Roselinde on Broadway

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I think I love shining things. I mean I’m obsessed with them, I prefer them rather than any other color. So I never liked these blutcher type shoes but when I saw they were shiny, I started loving them. The first day they were a bit uncomfortable but the day I took these photos they didn’t hurt any more. I also wore them here! The necklace is from a shop called Roselinde, you can see some of their things here. I would have liked to wear this outfit with jeans but it was soooo cold in New York I would be crazy if I had worn them, so my leggings came with me everywhere I went, they’re so comfortable! Well I hope you’ve liked today’s post, and see you on next one! kisses xx

Shoes: Zara
Blouse: M YOKIE Paris, ANTHEA
Leggins: Zara
Bag: Guess
Necklace: Roselinde


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