Red pants go with red lips

Red pants go with red lips


I bought this entire outfit on June… and I hadn’t had the occasion to show it! I’m a disaster… hahaha This fluid pants are amazing in quality, beauty, style and price! My red lips couldn’t miss in this outfit hahaha I’m a red-lip lover 🙂 You must have noticed I wear bracelets on all my outfits… Well, right now I have like 5 or 6 in my hand and 2 on my toe, they are from trips my friends and I have made, from Vietnam, Ibiza, Santiago… (and Playa la Arena) They have a special meaning for me as we all have them, so I never take them off and they appear on my outfits. I know they don’t always suit the outfit but they do suit my heart! hahahaha That’s all girls, see you on next post 😉

Pants: Zara
Top: Zara
Silver bracelet: Monet

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