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Story Covers x PinkCoco Hotels

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Story Covers x PinkCoco Hotels

Lucía Dévora

Custom covers designed for Pink Coco Hotels‘ story highlights on their Instagram profile.

The client wanted the designs to be simple to understand yet original and in tune with their brand image. As their whole brand and hotels work around Pink colour, I decided to use this as the background colour and start working from there. Using white for the background and pink for the icons would have made the final icons too simplified and similar to their competitors’ pages. Images of the different proposals and try outs can be found below.

The final designs delivered to the client have a flowing fuchsia background, linking them to the flowing of the sea they have in front of all their beach-front hotels. Here’s a set of some of the icons PinkCoco wanted for their social media:

– Drinks
– Hotels
– TripAdvisor
– Activities
– Food
– Visitors from the world
– Sustainability




Pink Coco Hotels


15 December, 2019