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LCF video portfolio

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LCF video portfolio

Lucía Dévora Violán

When applying to study at London College of Fashion, I wanted to do it a different way. I know there are hundreds and thousands even millions of people that draw, stitch or design better than me, and they would overpass me incredibly if we were to show our talents in a plain sketchbook. So I asked myself, “what are you good at, Lucía?”. I believe the video speaks for itself and it is the best compilation so far of who I am (or who I was at that time; I have gotten better at some things too ;)). It’s easier to say know to a random applicant number than to a smiley face who’s telling you all about her. Spoiler: LCF liked the smiley face and I got the place! There’s a whole post about this here if you want to read it 🙂


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London College of Fashion


25 January, 2017