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City Strokes x BOSS

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City Strokes x BOSS

Lucía Dévora Violán

Final project for my second year at London College of Fashion was an industry project in collaboration with Hugo Boss. The idea consisted in designing a collection for their BOSS brand, and taking forward into a physical prototype one of these designs. The collection had to have a logic balance between innovation, creativity and the whole BOSS aesthetic, satisfying both the consumer and the brand, and making it able to be worn throughout the whole day. Through research of the brand and observation of the consumer needs and behaviours, I had to build a design rationale, sketchbook and portfolio that satisfied and supported all these needs. London and the city was my main inspiration and you can see that throughout this portfolio, so please feel free to browse through the pages, which will help you understand how the idea behind City Strokes was developed.

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Hugo Boss


13 June, 2019