Polaroid vs Polabox

Polaroid vs Polabox


Hi girls! How was your week? It finally ended! 😀 We’ll have to say goodbye until Monday, but first… new post!

Today’ I’ll talk about Polabox, my fav app after the Polaroid Camera. I have to say I love the polaroid camera and every time I see it I say “it has to be mine!”, but in my opinion 1€ per photo (the price of the photos, aprox.) is too much. With Polabox, I can print all the photos I want and cheaper.


Polabox is an App you can download on your mobile phone and with which you can order polaroid photos. You can print the photos on your camera roll or your Instagram account directly, there are different type of photos. There’s the polabox with 30 photos; all the photos you want for 0,39€ each, the polabox ID (like a photocall photo), magnets, posters, albums… even a kit with photos + crafts to make amazing DIYs!


So until I buy my camera (of course I will), I’ll order my fav photos to Polabox! Kisses and till Monday 🙂


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