Pleated red Guess dress


There are beautiful dresses and then there’s this one… It’s another one of the super bargains I got from the sales this summer, it’s from Guess and it’s one of the most elegant and spectacular dresses I’ve seen in a while! With the end of summer and the beginning of my winter, I think it’s a perfect inspiration for weddings, New Year’s Eve, graduations, prom… the perfect garment for any special day.

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I’ve said it thousands and thousands of times and you can proof it here, here, here or here, but one of the things I buy the most and which I like more and more every day, are the pleated garments. Furthermore, this dress is double pleated, combining the classical pleat of all times from the top, and a zigzag pleat from the knee to the floor. I combined this dress just like that, with nothing else, because I don’t think it’s fare to make it loose any leadership by adding accessories. I accepted to wear the clutch only because I need somewhere to carry my mobile phone and lipstick (obviously red), if not I would’ve worn it without it as well haha! Thank you Guess for being such an amazing and creative brand and walking with me in my most beautiful moments! Do you have any comments? Lots of kisses and see you tomorrow 🙂

Dress: Guess
Heels: Mango
Bag: Maminú


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