Party makeup with ORGANIQS

Party makeup with ORGANIQS


Hi hiiii!! How’s that Monday going? My one’s going sooo so good! I wasn’t going to publish anything today but I suddenly found myself in Farmacia Violán with Marci Aliaga putting make up on me and I said “this goes directly to my blog!”. It’s nearly New Year’s Eve and everyone’s uploading step by step makeup tutorials, so is there really anything you’d prefer right now better than a makeup tutorial? I promise it’s a short one hahaha I’m nearly sure you’ve already bought your dresses! 😉


First of all, I’d like to tell you a bit about the make up. It’s 100% ORGANIQS, I mean, they’ve only used their products to do my make up. They’re products with an organic origin, natural and which respect and protect your skin. I’ve recently tried it and although I haven’t used it much, I’m very happy (I love their lipgloss, it’s a natural color I had been looking for since a long time ago). It’s a Danish brand, very natural in the sense that it doesn’t contain any parabens or perfume, and you won’t look like a circus clown with it on. Once I’ve already said this, I encourage you to try ORGANIQS, and if you like the brand, then look at all you can do with its products!


Step by step make up

We started with a makeup for the day and when I was leaving, we touched it up a bit to turn it into a nighttime one.


First, we put on a moisturizing base and the concealer under the eye (color 019). We apply in all the face liquid makeup with argon organic oil, which nourishes and protects the skin’s layers naturally.

We apply organic compact powders silk skin effect (001, 002 or 003 depending on the skin tone). Optimal coverage, luminosity and permanence.


We then draw a thick line with the black eye pencil (090) in the inside and outside of the eye, above the eyelashes’ line. After this, we add some eyeshadows: in the outside of the eye, grey (032) and in the inside and below the eyebrow, the natural beige eyeshadow (034). It’s easy to apply and it has an extraordinary duration.


Next, we apply black mascara volume effect (076), plus (046) and lipgloss (063). We have the daytime makeup already 🙂


For the nighttime makeup you only need to add a bit more of dark grey eyeshadow in all the eye and a darker blush (048) on your cheeks. Finally, put on some lipstick to get that sexy look 😉 jiji do you like it?


Makeup: Marci Aliaga

Lots of kisses and see you on next post!! That one I’m soooo excited to show 🙂


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