New “Special Prices” section in Zara!

New “Special Prices” section in Zara!

This “Special Prices” label in our coloquial language means “oh my god how can this be so cheap” or “How little expensive, isn´t it?”. If you have already seen this section in your usual shop, your reaction must have been like “but what is thiiiiiis” and your face must have experimented an enormous happinnes cause yes, it’s true, your eyes aren’t lying, that blouse you wanted so much and which you didn’t buy because it was too expensive, IS NOW ON SALE!! So no, you’re not the only one who’s seen it. I had been a long time looking at this blue top with the black band on the back which I loved, but I wouldn’t have paid twentysomething euros for it in order that I already have one that’s nearly the same (white and without the band), but I was in love with this one… So when I entered Zara las week and I saw it on sale my reaction was equal to a compulsive shopper’s in an outlet of it’s favourite brand and I couldn’t think it twice!! As a result of this, we’ll have a post wearing it this week. So, I don’t really understand the sudden of this section, but it’s perfect for me!! And as it came for free, having this season’s clothes on sale without a reason is a miracle. If you haven’t gone past Zara yet, when you visit it, you’ll find a section with an exclamation “!” sign with clothes much cheaper than normal… Take advantage and take all that you can, so if this doesn’t last for much longer, you can say you have been served!!


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