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As I said some weeks ago, I wasn’t going to post up on my  blog again until September, but I’ve been so bored and I’ve had such a desire for publishing again lately, that I couldn’t wait any more! You’ll have to wait a little bit more for the videos though haha here you have the first outfit I wore in Sevilla, hope you like it!

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This was my first outfit for Sevilla… it was so, so hot! Not as hot as I had imagined, but still very very hot… I couldn’t even think of tees or pants. I chose a comfortable, fresh and simple outfit with that touch of colour I love. The straw bag was something I loved about this outfit, I really liked how it looked all together. Any comments? I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, see you tomorrow! 😉

Shoes: Gloria Ortiz via El Corte Inglés
Top: Silvian Heach via ANTHEA
Bag: Mercat d’lOlivar, Mallorca
Shorts: Natura


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