My top 5 fashion social platforms

My top 5 fashion social platforms


Hi girls! How’s your week going? I haven’t written that much these days, but I wanted to write again today because it’s Tuesday. And I like Tuesdays. They’re like “tomorrow is Wednesday!” and that means the day after will be Thursday, that’s nearly Friday! (I can’t stand Wednesdays, I hate them hahaha). As I know lots of you who read me are bloggers, and we all know every outfit is a world… clothes, background, links to the clothes, that horrible “similar here” and oh, of course, publishing on social networks!!! That’s the worst part, tagging every single garment with the brands and links to buy in every single network… So today I want to show you my top 10 networks (although they’re less than 10) and why I’ve chosen them!

1. INSTAGRAM. (@luceslusia)

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It has always been my number 1 network. Likes, comments, followers… it’s all so comfortable… Also, every shop has its Instagram account so you can tag them in every garment.

2. FACEBOOK. (LucesLusia)

For the same reason as Instagram, and also, because you can share your content and reach more people. Everybody uses Facebook, and there are lots of possibilities for you to be seen. Lots of my visits come from there!

3. LOOKBOOK. (luceslusia)

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The thing I like the most about this fashion network is that you can get this hype button for you to place on your posts so people can actually like your looks just by clicking on it. I always do 😉

4. CHICISIMO. (luceslusia)

It’s always fun to look for ways of combining your clothes by color or garment. Imagine you have a red skirt and don’t know what to wear it with. Then just click skirt and red, and that’s it! All the outfits bloggers have uploaded with red skirts will appear on your screen immediately!

5. CHICTOPIA. (luceslusia)

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This is an essential network as I receive loads of visits from it, but it sometimes annoys me. You have to describe your outfit’s style and tell in which occasion you’d wear it… and it’s sometimes a bit irritating.

I’ve also used voguedrobe, trendation or stylekick… but these 5 are my fav, and with no doubt too! Which networks do you use? Kisses and see you tomorrow! 😀



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