My favorite from last summer

My favorite from last summer

Good afternoon girls! Today I bring you an outfit from some time ago (last summer) but if you take a look you’ll notice it has a lot of this summer’s trends so it’s okay for this one. As you’ll have noticed I love blues, I can’t imagine a summer without them and as I mentioned on a post at the beggining of this one, they’re trend. Flowers and kimonos are also trends and although this one is not exactly a kimono but more of a kaftán, it suits well. As I already said, I used it a lot last summer as it’s fresh, simple, cute but informal and I love it. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Skirt: Zara (2013)
Sandals: Oysho
Bag: Parfois
Kaftán: Stradivarius (2013)
Shirt: Stradivarius (2013)
Glasses: Pucci


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