Marco & María black dress

Marco & María black dress


There aren’t any handbag, or jewelry or shoes. This Marco & María dress has all the role. You know when you’ve already bought anything for a party, and then you suddenly go inside a shop, the shop… and you see this dress. You say okay, I’ll try it on… and it’s made just for you. Then you go home and that’s the end of your dress and you. I had a wedding at Valencia and I had already a dress (also beautiful) but I still preferred Marco & María’s one. Then on the wedding day, I finished having my shower, I went to the room and… there it was! My parents said it was an advanced birthday present, and what a present! I fell in love at first sight with it. I hope you like it as much as I do, happy weekend and see you on Sunday!

Dress: Marco & María

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