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Portada Blue Skirt

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Hi girls! As you must have noticed I’ve been leaving my long summer looks for this weeks where as I’m in classes, I don’t have much time for blogging. Sincerely, I’m so glad I left all these summer posts prepared… Now I don’t even have to worry about having to upload posts… They’re all posted on time! It’s all under control hahaha Well, I’ll talk a bit about the outfit. You must have seen the shirt on this post (you know I love blue) and the skirt is new from Ibiza. I say Ibiza because I bought it there, but it’s from Calzedonia. I had already seen it in Tenerife but it was so expensive… I couldn’t believe it when I went inside Ibiza’s Calzedonia and it was at a 75%! I couldn’t resist… hahaha I liked it because it’s a white skirt, and I don’t see them much so I took it, just to change! A very good decision I have to say. And of course, I also wanted to wear this necklace for the first time (someone gave it to me on January and I hadn’t worn it yet) and also my Oysho sales’ sandals! I hope you liked today’s post and I’ll see you on the next one! 🙂

Top: Stradivarius 
Skirt: Calzedonia
Sandals: Oysho
Necklace: Fundgrube
iPhone case: Parfois 


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